Evil Pirate rules:

Someone has to be it. The it has to choose a type of pirate; Captain, hooky, peg leg or blindy(blind). If the it tags someone the player has to chose either; Hooky, Blindy or peg leg (Not Captain). Until they tag everyone the game is over.

Hacker rules:

Someone has to bet it. The it has an ability to freeze players, it only lasts for 3 seconds but the it can only use it 2 times. Once the players is tagged they're out.

Plague(inspired by PLAGUE INC.) rules:

Someone is it. The it has to choose a virus or a disease including; Glitch and venom. One person needs to be doctor, because the players have two lives. When all the players lives are gone they have to be a virus or disease but not the same as the other its.

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