We call our group silly six because there are 6 members plus 1: Michael C. Dagher, Caelan Gutierrez, Ryan M. Palermo, Spencer Locke and Ethan G. Santa Ana, Minecraft P. Blocks. And we do really silly stuff:

  • Spy on people
  • take each other down to the ground
  • say funny words
  • do stuff for no reason

You might think we're not smart but we're smart, we just do it for our fun because most of the time we're really bored.

Biography Edit

Michael: Rough, fastest group member and he always tries not to do bad stuff That's why Caelan always has to remind him.

Caelan: Imaginative, second fastest part of the group and also the smartest part of the group. Caelan is the creator of most of the games the Silly Six plays. has a youtube channel: 

Ryan: Average smartness, funny, is the artist in the group and very, very imaginative. Here's to prove he is very imaginative; he says he is an alien from planet RYAN, and says Pat (PopularMMOS) and Jen (GamingWithJen) is his parents, and his real parents just adopted him And has a big wierd secret. has a youtube channel: 

Spencer: Funny, sensitive Caelan is his closest friend. has a youtube channel: 

Ethan: Second smartest of the group, most respectful and the cutest. He has chubby cheeks.

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